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Creative Geographies was a small, invitation-only symposium (like an AAG ‘author meets critics’ session, but more like ‘reader meets author meets editor meets potential authors’) in which authors of some notably experimental, evocative and engaging examples of published academic work were quizzed on their creative processes by postgraduate human geographers, and the journal editors who (could have) published this work were quizzed on how such work gets into print.

The author-paper-quizzer-editor combinations were as follows:

Hayden Lorimer (2003) The geographical field course as active archive. Cultural geographies 10(3), 278-308 [link] quizzed by Lynne Sealey & Louise Rutt. [Editor: Phil Crang]

Caitlin DeSilvey (2007) Salvage memory: constellating material histories on a hardscrabble homestead. Cultural geographies 14(3) 401-424 [link] quizzed by Agatha Herman & Helen Scott-Daniels [Editor: Phil Crang]

Kathryn Yusoff (2007) Antarctic exposure: archives of the feeling body. Cultural geographies 14(2), 211-233 [link] quizzed by Justin Pollard & Liz Roberts [Editor: Phil Crang]

James Evans & Phil Jones (2007) Towards a Lefebvrian socio-nature? A film about rhythm, nature and science. Geography compass 3 [link] quizzed by Huw Vasey & Emma Whittingham [Editor: Ian Cook]

Ian Cook et al (2004) Follow the thing: papaya. Antipode 36(4), 642-664 [free access link] quizzed by Richard Wells & Matt Grace [Editor: Wendy Larner]

John Wylie (2006) Smoothlands: fragments/landscapes/fragments. Cultural geographies 13(3), 458-65 [link] quizzed by Leila Dawney & Kim Ward [Editor: Phil Crang].

This website was used to co-ordinate this event, contains a report on the event which may be useful for others thinking of organising an event along these lines, to which will be added photos of doodles made my participants on the event’s tablecloths.

This event was coordinated by Ian Cook and Harriet Hawkins.


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